Thursday, 30 June 2011

Leeds Children's University!

I was at the David Young Community Academy this morning to meet with colleagues to talk anout how we develop and secure the future of the Leeds Children's University.
Viv Gibbons has led this work in the Seacroft and Manston Extended Services cluster in East Leeds where some great schools have been doing brilliant work developing approaches that integrate the Children's University into their curriculum and entended provision. This is a fantastic initiative which will connect with and build on the brilliant work that has been done with Study Support, Playing for Success and the Breeze initiative in Leeds.  There are now hundreds of young people in Leeds with Children's University Learning Passports which they use to capture their out of school hours learning journeys and learning activities at schools and validated centres like the museums, libraries, study support centres, playing for success centres and other attractions like Middleton Railway, the Thackray Medical Museum, the Royal Armouries and Harewood House who are keen to get involved. We agreed to develop a business development plan to ensure that the initiative becomes self-sustaining within a year which should secure the future of the Leeds Children's University. Watch this space!

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