Friday, 10 June 2011

What Works!

I have been thinking and it can be a dangerous thing. The sad reality is that we are still not making enough of an inroad into the huge group of young people who are disconnected from learning, disengaged from secondary school, disillusioned by a seemingly inflexible, traditional and irrelevant offer. So what do we actually do about this?
The simple answer can’t be more of the same because that surely delivers more of the same. The simple answer has to be more of what works and, more than ever, we now know what works…
  • inspirational teaching works;
  • targeted programmes work;
  • revision classes works;
  • individualised programmes works;
  • study support works;
  • Summer schools work;
  • mentoring works;
  • coaching works;
  • more works; and
  • I’m even told ‘chocolate’ works!
BUT only when the individual learner is passionately engaged, has high self-esteem and expectations and believes in themself!

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