Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Power of TEAM!

We need to understand the power of team and teamwork and the real benefits of sharing the best of what we do.
Our problems largely stem from the inconsistency of practice because at its brilliant best what we do is world class, extraordinary and something we can all learn from. The interesting thing is that wherever I look the inconsistency is within schools as well as across schools! No-one has cracked it and reached the perfect 10! If we want to build world class learning consistently across all schools and ensure that every school is a GREAT SCHOOL we must continue to listen and learn. We need to get into the daily habit of visiting new places, talking to new people, seeing what works and tapping into colleagues creative ideas. We need to check out, constantly question and be the best learners around. We need to review the evidence, read new books and listen to great ideas on the subjects which are the centre of our focus on excellence.

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