Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The only thing that really matters!

Are we doing all we can to ensure that all the resources we have available to us are deployed and targeted on the things that create the most value and make the most difference?
Are we making it absolutely clear to everyone working in our schools that the only thing that really matters is achieving brilliant outcomes for our children and young people? Are we thinking enough and are we spending enough time looking for opportunities to build brilliant provision and develop the talented colleagues we work with, and using our ongoing successes as an opportunity to attract the very best colleagues to join us? Are we constantly recognising and celebrating the achievements of those colleagues and teams who are working hardest on getting things done and building effective relationships? Are we using, adopting and developing "face to face" contacts as the key way to deliver good, tough, or any news to our colleagues and partners? Are we doing everything we can to keep all our colleagues and partners fully informed of our plans and our strategies? How tuned in are we to the health and emotional wellbeing of our colleagues and our teams? Are we doing our best to stay out of negative and unproductive conversations and away from negative people? How are we stimulating positive and productive conversations and people? And finally, are there any ways in which we can re-engineer what our colleagues are doing in order to make better use of their strengths and abilities?

Why not make a list of the things you want to achieve and then let's get on with achieving them now?

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