Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Power of Project-based Learning!

Why is project-based learning so powerful and what are the learning experiences that happen more frequently in classrooms where colleagues are developing project-based learning approaches?

  • Students address real issues set by companies who are addressing the same issues;
  • Students research and compare information from different sources before completing the project;
  • Students draw their own conclusions based on analysis of numbers, facts, and relevant information;
  • Students solve complex problems and answer questions that have no single correct solution;
  • Students give feedback to peers or assess other students' work;
  • Students are given expert support and guidance by the company throughout the project;
  • Students convey their ideas using media such as posters, blogs, or videos;
  • Students answer questions in front of an expert audience;
  • Students generate their own ideas about how to confront a problem;
  • Students have the opportunity to present their solutions back to the company.
Through project-based learning we develop students who are able to think on their feet, contribute to a team effort, and work creatively when they confront new challenges and most importantly young people gain the employability skills businesses need them to have!

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