Wednesday, 15 August 2012

British Columbia's Education Plan!

I read the British Columbia Education Plan last night and it captures so well the challenges we face here and the need for a coherent, over-arching framework driving our learning landscape which we can all sign up to and where we all feel valued and understand the contribution we can make to building a world class school system.

"Minister’s Message
This is an exciting time of change for education in British Columbia. We’re starting from a strong position: motivated and talented students, outstanding teachers, committed parents, skilled administrators and dedicated education partners. We are also fortunate to live in a province that values education and gives young people opportunities to excel. 

And yet our education system is based on a model of learning from an earlier century. To change that, we need to put students at the centre of their own education. We need to make a better link between what kids learn at school and what they experience and learn in their everyday lives. We need to create new learning environments for students that allow them to discover, embrace and fulfifill their passions. We need to set the stage for parents, teachers, administrators and other partners to prepare our children for success not only in today’s world, but in a world that few of us can yet imagine. 

Inspired by innovative change already taking place in B.C. communities and developed through many months of consultation with educators, students, parents and other British Columbians, BC’s Education Plan responds to the realities and demands of a world that has already changed dramatically and continues to change.
Before us lies a tremendous opportunity. We know more now than we’ve ever known about how children learn. It is time to use that knowledge to change what we do so students can realize their full potential. 

As both a parent and grandparent, I want an education system that gives all children the best opportunities to be successful in whatever career they pursue. I’m sure every British Columbian feels the same way. By working together, we can take what we know is a good education system and make it great. That’s what BC’s Education Plan is all about.

George Abbott 
Minister of Education"

If you want to read the plan it's available at

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