Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Learning by Enquiring: The Key to Teacher Effectiveness'!

Everyone, all over the world of education,  is asking themselves the same set of questions. And they all focus on how can we raise the bar and improve the quality of achievement not only for some of our young people but for each and every student? I was reading an interesting paper on the bluyonder blog 'Learning by Enquiring: The Key to Teacher Effectiveness'.

"Research currently points to the importance of the school culture. A school which has a strong cultural emphasis on continual improvement in learning in the broadest sense, is most likely to develop the academic competence of every student no matter what their ability or background. In such schools, the relationship between students and teachers is characterised by high levels of trust and support. Students are given opportunities to engage in intellectually challenging activities. High expectations are the norm. Learning is personalised and students have access to the most relevant tools for learning. Learning is monitored and this influences lesson planning and pedagogy. Teachers collaborate and their teaching practice is based on an inquiry model which includes reflected upon classroom experience."

If you want to read 'Learning by Enquiring: The Key to Teacher Effectiveness' you can visit the bluyonder blog at

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