Monday, 19 November 2012

IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE: Delivering outstanding outcomes and building brilliant teams.

After nearly forty years working in and with schools I know how to deliver outstanding outcomes and build brilliant teams... and it's not rocket science!

And whatever Michael and Michael might say, you don't need to look at the private sector, or Academies or Free Schools to see great teams and brilliant leadership. Simply look around and wherever you look there are simply extraordinary colleagues releasing the magic where it really matters. So what are the ten tips?
  • Get to know your colleagues.
  • Keep asking your colleagues how things are going, what needs improving and what we can do better.
  • Delegate twice as much as you're currently doing to trust and empower your colleagues.
  • Constantly check colleague's understanding of what you are expecting them to do.
  • Simply set the direction and always be totally clear what you want.
  • Constantly and genuinely praise colleagues for doing the right things.
  • Constantly communicate and keep colleagues informed.
  • Consult with everyone about as much as you possibly can.
  • Listen constantly and ask your colleagues how they'd do things.
  • When colleagues are not performing well be really hard on the problem not on the people.
It's not rocket science! We can continue to build brilliant and release the magic if we simply understand that everyone can do it and the keys are simply understanding, persistence, determination and sheer hard work.

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