Friday, 21 December 2012


The challenge we face is to ensure that every school in every community strives and struggles to become a great school; not just the Free Schools, not just the Academies, but every school must become a great school delivering brilliant outcomes, learning from what works, wherever it is, and being uncompromising in the relentless pursuit of excellence! 

The potential for education to change the world is something no-one will argue about. The only question we seem to be asking at the moment is which young people deserve a great education. Bizarre really, because the answer must be all of them! And we have the potential and we have the knowledge and the toolkit to give every child in this country a brilliant education; one that enables them to achieve their potential and achieve extraordinary results. And where is this toolkit? It is in pieces across this country, and across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia and Taiwan and the clever thing would be to collect these pieces of magic together and then make it the universal offer to every child and every young person. And of course the people who will make this happen are the countless colleagues working day-in day-out in schools across these countries and not just those who are part of Teach First, Free Schools or Academy movements. What Teach First, Free Schools and Academies gives us is proof that we can do this and real evidence of what we can achieve given the passion, commitment, determination, persistence and sheer hard work. The challenge is that, since every child matters and every young person not engaged in learning represents a huge waste of talent and potential, how do we drive excellence everywhere and build world class learning as an entitlement for all.

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