Tuesday, 1 April 2014


We should now be eating at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables every day to live longer and get real health benefits.

Eating seven portions of fruit and vegetables per day reduces the risks of cancer by 25 per cent and heart disease by 31 per cent compared to those who eat just one portion or less, a new study has found. Interestingly, the researchers from University College London also say that it is better to eat vegetables rather than fruit.

The study calculates the health benefits for fruit and vegetable consumption, has found that eating seven portions or more reduces the risk of death by 42 per cent, compared to those that eat less than one. Taking into account other factors such as smoking, BMI, age and fitness,the researchers estimate that each portion of vegetables consumed every day reduces risk of death by 16 per cent. For each portion of salad the figure was lower at 13 per cent, and for each portion of fruit only 4 per cent. Interestingly ruit juices were not found to be particularly beneficial.

So keep eating the vegetables!!

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