Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I am working in Sheffield to help young people learn the more complex and analytical skills they need for success in life and the world of work.

We have developed some great programmes but it is increasingly obvious that teachers must learn to teach in ways that develop knowledge and understanding, core skills and higher-order thinking and character. The development of more sophisticated and creative teaching and learning; one that sets learning alight requires more effective approaches to professional development and teacher learning.

Research has shown us that we need to focus on culture, leadership and people to build brilliant provision and achieve world class outcomes. It has also defined a new paradigm for professional development that rejects the largely ineffective model that provides a forum for teachers to talk and listen, and encourages us to create a high-quality approach focused on student learning. An approach that helps teachers develop content and knowledge and pedagogical skills to teach specific kinds of content and that has strong and positive effects on teachers and their practice. The most effective approaches use intensive introductory sessions supported by regular refresher sessions over a long period where teachers can discuss their developing practice and work together to discuss their learning, the emerging issues and set the world on fire.

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