Saturday, 8 November 2014


It has been another hectic week working on strategies and data, analysis and intelligence and case studies. Another week where people focus on the wrong things... like uniform, structures and management as the keys to success.

Hattie's research shows us what matters... feedback, talent and potential and we need to stay positive, share, network and learn with the best, build excellence and focus relentlessly on what works and what matters. We need to refocus on teaching and learning, on leadership and on culture and we need to take this opportunity to re-invent and re-engineer our organisations and our systems building on the real excellence we see throughout the school system. Importantly, in a world where resources will continue to be scarce we must use the EEF, Sutton Trust and Hattie research to eradicate the irrelevant, dispose of the second rate and pack away the things that are obsolete and fail to connect with and alienate young people.

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