Sunday, 7 December 2014


What we need is a ”we can do anything" culture. 
A culture where we share our passions and do the things we love!
It's interesting that Google, apart from not paying it’s taxes, does this thing called 'Google Time' where for 20% of their time, a day a week, the Google workforce do things they are passionate about. Well that sound good but let's agree that 20% of your time doing things you are passionate about is simply way too low! We need to teach our children, our students and our colleagues that the key to success in anything is passion and the way to a happy, healthy, fulfilling life is to find your passion and do it... whatever it is! That's what entrepreneurs do! That's what great inventors do! That's what great scientists do! That's what great artists do! That's what great musicians do! That's what great sportsmen and women do! We must find our passion and do it!

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