Monday, 8 December 2014


Research shows that every learner has the potential to be brilliant given individual support and guidance. The keys to brilliant performance lie in great teaching supported by coaching, mentoring and hard work.

We have moved from an Industrial Age through a knowledge age to a conceptual age. We need to understand that learning is messy, unpredictable, spontaneous, great fun, natural. We are all programmed as learners. We can't stop ourselves learning! The challenges we face, that we have always faced, are opportunities! We live in amazingly brilliant times where the extraordinary happens on a regular basis. Where ordinary people do extraordinary things because they have been taught they can rather than being taught that they can't! We can all be great if we put in the work… what is it 10,000 hours… We simply need to be the gardeners, designers, storytellers and orchestrators of learning. We need to help our students work hard, be persistent, be determined and make and create beautiful things that matter to them!

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