Monday, 11 April 2011

Join the Movement to Transform Learning

There is a great guest post on the Edutopia blog by George Lucas, filmmaker and founder of The George Lucas Educational Foundation...

"I didn't enjoy school very much. Occasionally, I had a teacher who would inspire me.
But as an adult, as I began working with computer technology to tell stories through film, I began to wonder, "Why couldn't we use these new technologies to help improve the learning process?" Twenty years ago when we started The George Lucas Educational Foundation, we could see that digital technology was going to completely revolutionize the educational system, whether it liked it or not. Yet, in light of extraordinary advancements in how we use technology to communicate and learn, our schools and districts have been frustratingly slow to adapt... ....Our Foundation staff is eager to know about your successes in improving schools especially through the power of technology integration. Together we can bring positive change to education. We encourage you to share your ideas below and join the effort to transform learning." George Lucas

If you want to read the whole article visit the brilliant Edutopia blog at

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