Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Parklands Primary School!

I received this wonderful e-mail from my colleague Cath Hindmarch who is headteacher at Parklands Primary School in Leeds."Hi Chris! just had to email you all to share the superb news about our children in Y6. We appear to have 66% combined level 4s! It's simply amazing considering a school with 72+% free school meals/a cohort of 30 with 6 statemented children in it/21 boys, all white British and all but one FSM/2 of the 6 statemented boys are in our Resourced Provision (complex SEN) /another boy is currently at Achieve (one of our LSUs). It's been great teaching+dramatic 1:1 impact which has made the difference especially for 3 of the boys

We had a training day yesterday and welcomed 4 new teachers. Together we decided on our mission statement, 'Can do learners, ambitious futures!' I think we made a wise choice there. Wait until next year and I share with you the current Y5 results!!! We could be looking at 70%+

I know, like me, you believe in our children and that's why I wanted to let you know.
Best wishes

I am delighted for Cath and her talented team. They have done some incredible things to achieve these wonderful results! I think it simply reinforces my view about the importance of a curriculum which develops character and determination alongside a passion for learning. We need to spend just as much time developing character as we do developing functional skills and learning excellence. We all know that deep learning is not easy, although in the hands of brilliant teachers it can be exhilarating, stimulating and truly wonderful. Cath and her team prove that to be true and more importantly to be possible!

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