Thursday, 7 July 2011

Remember, never lie about anything important!

We must work with positive people whenever we can; pick out the optimists and those who love life and love learning and join their teams. We must, wherever possible, avoid people who are cynical and depressing to be with. And we must never be defensive about our mistakes and failures… because the only people who don’t make mistakes are those who do nothing, say nothing and are nothing. 
We must remember to…
¨ Focus but also remember to relax;
¨ Smile and laugh at life;
¨ Read and learn;
¨ Hug a friend;
¨ Celebrate real excellence and always say thank you;
¨ Share your experiences and your successes;
¨ Search for ways to have fun;
¨ Work hard but wear comfortable shoes!
¨ Breathe deeply when the going gets tough.
¨ Stretch and exercise regularly.
¨ Get cross and stamp your feet.
¨ Dance and sing;
¨ Touch your toes.
¨ Get enough sleep.
¨ Regularly take a break.
¨ Clean up the clutter.
¨ Get some sunshine.
¨ Count your blessings.
¨ Don’t dwell on the negatives.
¨ Never lie about anything important.

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