Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Beliefs, Values and Attitudes!

I often ask myself what are we trying to achieve together? What is our vision for provision for our children and young people? How do we continue to build brilliant learning, in brilliant learning places to serve brilliant learning communities? What is the trick to releasing the magic and unlocking the potential of each and every child, of each and every colleague and of every family and every community to be their brilliant best?
The answer of course, like with the problems in the NHS, is all about culture; our beliefs, attitudes, and values, determines our choices, our decisions, and our effectiveness. Beliefs, attitudes and values are the best predictors of individual behaviour and these things influence our perceptions, our judgements, our behaviours and everything we do. We also know that research indicates that beliefs, attitudes and values are powerful, highly resistant to change and the inertia that drags us back from taking risks, being creative and doing things differently. It's all change in the world of education, learning and skills and as we embark on yet another learning journey it is really important that we regularly check out what it is we all believe and what we think should be the beliefs, values and attitudes driving our work and shaping our behaviours.
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