Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I met up with Ruth Baldwin this morning. Ruth was one of the extraordinary, unique and fabulous individuals who made a real difference as part of the Education Leeds team over the ten years this fantastic experiment lasted.
Over lunch Ruth and I discussed the many, many ordinary, yet extraordinary, colleagues who were part of the story that was Education Leeds... far too many to mention them all but Ruth, who was one of the first Deputy Chief Executives we appointed, reminded me how, over the years she spent with the company, education in Leeds developed and how we laid the foundations for the standards revolution we saw where GCSE results improved from 39% of young people achieving five good GCSEs to over 80% of young people achieving five good GCSEs. 

It's funny but I really miss people like Ruth; her energy, enthusiasm and passion, and just spending time with her over lunch reminded me why Education Leeds became a 'Times 100' best company! Ruth was encouraging me to write my book... I know that I'll get round to it one of these days!

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