Thursday, 19 June 2014


I'Ve spent time with a lot of old friends and great colleagues recently and I had forgotten how invigorating it can be.

We spent time thinking and talking about what we achieved together and the opportunities and challenges facing schools today.  We also talked about how we take back the agenda and start to establish a better way. We need to establish a new consensus that helps us all step away from the futile and unhelpful debate about content and knowledge or skills, academies and free schools or community schools, and teaching or learning. The next stage for educational improvement must be to establish a movement which is based on excellence, trust, respect and autonomy. Establish a system and approach that develops, nurtures and supports learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability. A system that develops skills and content and knowledge to suit different communities and contexts. A system that is driven by the inspiring and basic belief that skills and aptitudes are just as important as content and knowledge. We must move beyond standardisation, data-driven decision making, and target-obsessed distractions to rebuild the middle tier between the profession, communities and the DfE and OFSTED. Of course, young people need literacy and numeracy alongside a rich diet of content and knowledge, but emotionally and intellectually, they need so much more. The old ways are being abandoned by our competitors and together we must find new way that can inspire our teachers, engage our communities, and ensure that all our children reach their potential... whatever it takes!

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