Saturday, 21 June 2014


Where is the vision?

We need a vision for education, learning and schooling supported by research about what works. Where is the strategic framework? We need a strategic framework driving the system reform we need to create great schools for every child and great schools to serve every community?
Together we must:
  • develop a powerful shared vision and ensure that we create consensus and ownership across the learning community.
  • create a modern and world class curriculum focused on essential content and knowledge but built on foundations that develop character, the basics and employability skills and a underpinned by modern framework for its' assessment. 
  • develop beautiful systems which embed reflection, learning, collaboration, communication and creativity.
  • develop intelligent accountability to nurture reflection, self-review and learning from what works and underpinned by autonomy, trust, respect and a commitment to excellence.
  • build a digital learning landscape to drive professional development at the heart of the learning community.
And above all, we need to support and grow the school workforce by continuing to share, network, learn, improve and innovate.

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