Tuesday, 31 October 2017


The Better Learners, Better Workers programme is based on developing the key skills that employers, partners and research across the Sheffield City region, the country and the world have told us young people need to succeed at school, at work and in later life. 

We all know that there are hundreds of thousands of young people looking for opportunities and competing for jobs. They will all be striving to get the best possible GCSE results and young people need something that will set them apart and help them stand out from the crowd... surely this should be an entitlement for all our young people!!! Evidence and research from across the world, clearly shows that to be successful in anything we do, we need to develop skills alongside our qualifications. Skills like teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking really matter at school, college and university and in the world of work... and most employers value skills above qualifications! 
And probably most of all character makes a real difference... responsibility, confidence, adaptability, persistence, determination and resilience!!! We also need to remember that every one of us is unique and special and remind our young people that there is no one else exactly like them in a country with 56 million people and on a planet of 7.6 billion people and rising! They are one of a kind and on this programme young people will have the opportunity to so show people how special they are. We need to make sure that the opportunity is there for every young person who wants to take it!

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