Saturday, 21 October 2017


In an increasingly complex world where colleagues, families, schools and businesses are facing relentless pressure, facing higher and higher expectations and facing increased and increasing demands to do things more efficiently and more effectively, we need to remember that teamwork matters!
We are struggling with productivity, inflation is rising and with prices everywhere increasing as the value of the pound continues to fall, we must continue to help people secure improved performance and better outcomes... whatever it takes! The real challenge is how do we maintain the momentum and stay focused on what really matters while we bring our collective energies and efforts to bear on the task of building the future? How do we further develop the leadership, the culture, the environment and the structures that support, challenge and enable better outcomes? This challenge involves not only us as individuals, operating from our respective vantage points in a highly complex system, but all of us together... the power of TEAM!
Working together, we must improve leadership, re-imagine our systems, processes and provision and develop more intelligent accountability. We must be brave enough to look at the evidence and the research and ask ourselves the difficult questions about what works. Challenge ourselves about why some things are currently not working and what we can do to help achieve a step change in outcomes for everyone. Anyone up for the challenge?

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