Tuesday, 15 March 2011

FREE Resources!

The Guardian has decided to give teachers access to 70,000 pages of lesson plans and modern interactive teaching materials, all absolutely free...

From today any teacher can access the Guardian's bank of resources free at http://teachers.guardian.co.uk.

The content covers every aspect of the national curriculum and has been developed by teachers to address specific curriculum or examination objectives. The on-line materials have been designed to run easily and work simply with more than 33,000 items that teachers can pick out, incorporate in PowerPoint, "mash" into other lesson content, or do whatever they like with. The Guardian believes that the future for digital learning lies in content that individual teachers and students can manipulate and order to suit their own needs, in their own time. They have therefore loaded all their materials on to a straightforward-to-use learning platform that enables teachers to download content, timetable it, adapt it, add to it, upload it, review it, recommend it, pass it on … all the things a tweeting, networking, user-generating generation expects to be able to do.

Sounds great, looks fantastic!

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