Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nick Gibb - Schools Minister - gets it wrong!

The DfE website reports that more than 79,000 children have missed out on a place at their first-choice secondary school for this September...

Nick Gibb, the Schools Minister, has said that 'too many students are having to go to a secondary school that was not their top choice!'
Interestingly Nick Gibb apparently said these figures 'expose the fact that there simply aren’t enough good schools and too many parents are forced to choose between schools which don’t deliver the academic standards and good behaviour they demand'. This is nonsense. These figures don't show this at all and demonstrates that the people advising him are clueless about the admissions process.

It's even more interesting that the regional headlines show that the North East had the highest percentage of first preference offers at 94.3 per cent while Greater London had the lowest percentage at 66.2 per cent. So Nick Gibb would say that there are great schools in the North East and 'not good enough schools' in London! I suppose we should be pleased that Nick Gibb did at least get it right that every school must be a good school.

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