Friday, 4 March 2011

Help me!

I want the blog to reach more people so that we can continue to build a co-operative and collaborative learning network where we can share what works and try to understand why...

We need to create a club where those of us who are passionate about learning, work together to, create extraordinary learning. We need to share our incredible stories...

like the 'Mathletics' story from Hovingham Primary School, the 'STEPS' story from Victoria Primary School, the 'Children's University' story from Fieldhead Carr Primary School, the 'Learning Journey' story at Cockburn College of Arts, the Lantern Festival story from Little London Primary School, the 'Stephen Lawrence Education Standard' story, the 'Transformational Journey' story at John Smeaton Community College, the 'Brilliant Learning' story from West Oaks SILC, the Eva Schloss story at Rawdon St Peter's CE Primary School. I could go on and on because there are so many, many more great stories to tell... why don't you send me your story.

Please share the blog with as many of your friends and colleagues as possible so that we can continue to develop the network of brilliant learning in brilliant learning places.

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