Friday, 4 March 2011

Comic Relief in Kibera in Kenya!

This year's Comic Relief is on Friday 18th March and it is going to be strange not being part of a team doing something to help...

I watched the BBC One programme last night which describes the expedition Lenny Henry, Samantha Womack, Reggie Yates and Angela Rippon have done...
spending a week stripped of all their possessions and given only £2 to buy basics and moving into shacks in Africa’s reportedly largest slum – Kibera in Nairobi.  Famous, Rich and in the Slums is being broadcast in two parts with the first part last night. And thinking about doing something to help, as some of you may already know, our colleague Gareth Wilkes is doing a year in Kibera. Gareth e-mailed us to encourage us to watch since it might put the challenges we are facing into some context. Gareth says that as part of his daily life, he walks though Kibera's slums to get to work and is often followed by groups of children shouting 'mzungo, mzungo, how are you?' and who then run off giggling when he answer them in swahili. Gareth is working with, Action Network for the Disabled and you can find out more by visiting their website at They have also just secured funding from comic relief for a programme to give 450 young disabled people in Nairobi access to work, and the chance to escape a life of poverty and dependence. 

I hope everyone will do something to support Comic Relief again this year and perhaps indirectly help Gareth with the amazing work he is doing to make  difference where it really matters. You can still get ideas and stuff from their website at

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