Monday, 23 May 2011

The Dream Cycle!

I found this brilliant article on the web about The Dream Cycle by Anthony Fernando

"The process of transforming your dreams into reality is the same regardless of what your specific goals are. I’d like to share with you The Dream Cycle. There are six stages in the Dream Cycle and each one of them is very important.

Stage 1: Dream
Every man-made item you see around you began as the spark of an idea in the mind of a single individual. The greatest architectural monuments, the most famous works of art, the most stirring pieces of music, the most profound works of literature – they all began as a thought…an idea…a dream. We all have flashes of inspiration from time to time, but sadly, many people let these ideas fade away. Successful people however are different. They realise how precious these ideas truly are and they are not afraid to dream BIG dreams.
Stage 2: Plan
Imagine for a moment that you want to travel from your home to the supermarket. You get into your car, drive to the nearest intersection and flip a coin to decide which way to turn. If it’s heads you turn right, if it’s tails you turn left. At every intersection you come to you repeat this process of flipping a coin and choosing a direction. How long do you think it will take you to reach the supermarket using this navigational approach? Clearly it is unlikely that you will ever reach your destination unless you know how to get there. Unfortunately this is how many people navigate through life. They make random decisions from day-to-day and hope that somehow they will reach their destination.In order to make your dreams a reality you must take the time to formulate a plan which will act as your ’street directory’ to guide you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.
Stage 3: Work Hard
Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that success is easy. It isn’t. True success in any area of life involves focused and consistent hard work. A good way to gauge your chances of achieving success is simply to count the number of hours each week that you are actively working on achieving your goal. If you don’t put in the work – you won’t get the result.
Stage 4: Achieve
The feeling of achievement that comes from working hard and transforming your dream into reality is one of the most satisfying feelings you can ever experience. This is why the Olympic Games are so popular. Elite atheletes are a great example of people who are prepared to put in the hard work necessary to achieve their dreams.
Stage 5: Celebrate
It is very important when you achieve a major goal to take the time to really enjoy and celebrate your achievement. Don’t make the mistake of trying to launch straight into your next goal. Take a break and enjoy your success. Go out with someone you love, do something you enjoy or buy yourself something special. By doing this you will reinforce the positive energy associated with achievement and be ready to move on to your next dream.
Stage 6: Give Back
The final stage of the Dream Cycle is to give something positive back to the Universe. If you’ve achieved a monetary goal, give 10% of your profits to a worthy cause. This idea of giving back does not only relate to financial goals however. For example, if you’ve just lost 30 pounds and reached your ideal goal weight, share your knowledge and experience with others. Tell them how you achieved your goal and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.
Action Steps:
This week, review your major goals and see where you are in the Dream Cycle. Ask yourself these questions:
(1) Do I have a clear plan for transforming my dream into reality?
(2) Am I putting in the regular hard work necessary to make my dream a reality?
(3) Am I visualising my dream daily?
Until next time,
Dare To Dream!"
Dr Anthony Fernando

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