Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Guardian Children's Manifesto!

In January, ten years ago, Education Guardian asked children to design their perfect school. From over 15,000 entries from pupils aged five to 18, they drew up the Children's Manifesto – a recipe for the school of children's dreams.
Now they've done it again and asked. 'Is your school just as you'd like it to be?' 'Or are there things you would change?' 'Is the building right?' 'Should you sit exams?' 'Are you allowed to express yourself?' 'Are your lessons interesting?' Ideas flooded in from children all over the country about the kind of school they would like. Here is a summary of their new manifesto...
"★ Active
★ Calm
★ Comfortable
★ Creative and colourful
★ Expert
★ Flexible
★ Friendly
★ Listening
★ Inclusive
★ International
★ Outside
★ Technological

What the perfect school would have
★ No homework (all the work would be finished at school)
★ A flexible timetable
★ An hour-long lunchbreak
★ Pets
★ First-aid lessons
★ A choice of uniform to express your personality
★ After-school clubs in all sorts of subjects
★ Hot dinners
★ An iPad for each pupil
★ A football field
★ Fewer tests (but not no tests at all)"

If you want to find out more visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2011/may/03/school-i-would-like-childrens-manifesto

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