Sunday, 1 May 2011


In spite of all the many strategies used to turn around low performance nothing changes unless teaching and learning changes.
There’s nothing easy about the journey to creating GREAT SCHOOLS but I have seen it done so many times. And it's not about a superhero, a chain, an Academy or a Free School! These outstanding achievements are the result of relentless and uncompromising hard work by passionate, committed and dedicated people who care about their young people, their families and the communities they serve. Fundamentally it’s all about leadership... in the school, the staffroom and the classrooms! How then do leaders generate positive, substantial changes in teaching and learning? They have purpose, passion, energy and persistence. They are driven to improve their childrens' lives and we see it every day in countless schools across the country. Everyone on the team is united in a single relentless and uncompromising purpose in creating learning environments that ensure that every child is successful in school and in life. They show a passion for building and sustaining a climate in which every student, parent, and staff member knows that they are a valued, respected and appreciated member of the school community. They are also passionate about continuously improving teaching and learning for their children and young people. Of course they encounter challenges, setbacks, and frustrations, don't we all, but they persist in the face of difficulties. And importantly about world class outcomes they continue their efforts even when they exceed the results achieved by other similar schools. Importantly they build hope and keep moving forward when others lose hope or become comfortable with their current levels of performance and they help everyone remember that learning should be and is great fun.

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