Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nottingham Again!

I visited Nottingham again this week and once again these visits make me realise that great leadership requires passion, energy, commitment and ideas.
We must also be deeply aware of the context within which are schools operate. We need to understand their uniqueness and their special features. We can't, in this current climate, expect to be able to command and control schools; telling colleagues what to do and simply expect them to want to belong to the team, the club or the authority. We need to work together to transform our shared interests into passionately held common goals and create a real desire for change where colleagues want to be part of something special where they can continue to see that they are making a real difference! We need to build strong and sustainable networks and partnerships that share and distribute best practice and build consistently excellent practice. We need to tell and share our stories of success and prove through evidence, impact and outcomes that we can deliver world class outcomes. It's not about good enough anymore it has to be about outstanding!

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