Friday, 20 May 2011


This eight step change model provides us with a powerful framework to help us with our journey where we are working together to build GREAT SCHOOLS...

  1. We must increase urgency by inspiring our colleagues and making our shared objectives real and relevant to everyone.
  2. We must build the team by getting the right people in place with the right passion, enthusiasm and commitment, and the right mix of skills and abilities at all levels.
  3. We must get the vision right - we must establish a simple vision and strategy and focus on the emotional and creative aspects necessary to drive efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. We must communicate so that everyone buys-in to this new vision by involving as many people as possible and communicating the essential messages simply and effectively.
  5. We must empower action by removing obstacles, enabling constructive feedback and rewarding and recognising progress and achievements.
  6. We must create short-term wins by setting aims that are easy to achieve and working on a manageable number of initiatives.
  7. We must never give up by fostering and encouraging in all our colleagues determination, persistence and hard work.
  8. We must make change stick by reinforcing the value of successful change and weaving change into our new shared culture.
The challenges we all face are great opportunities for us. Opportunities to build outstanding learning teams to work with the children and families we all serve. We must start with our brilliant learning places and work hard to ensure that every child and every young person is happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful... whatever it takes!

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