Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tools for the Battles Ahead!

I have argued with colleagues for years about the limitations of a systems based approach to the world of education and learning. Of course, programme management, performance management and measurement systems matter but they are not enough.
We need to understand that culture, attitudes and values lie at the heart of any successful organisation and we also need to understand how we turn these ideals into actions and outcomes. We have three major tools that will help us turn our dreams into reality:
  • translate your ideas and strategies into a dynamic and creative structure that enables the organisation to release the magic in its people and best serve its customers, clients and stakeholders;
  • constantly and publicly celebrate and reward the way things are done as well as the results and outcomes achieved;
  • relentlessly and consistently repeat and communicate the key messages through stories and examples that show how to deliver brilliant outcomes.
Beautiful systems do matter and we all need a powerful and compelling vision but we must also continue to tell our stories of success to inspire and energise colleagues for the battles ahead.

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