Thursday, 20 October 2011


I got back to the gym this week after struggling with a bad back and it's true everytime that exercise makes me feel better but I am not convinced by those people who constantly tell me that exercise is the best way to lose weight.

There are a lot of very overweight people struggling at my gym and I am increasingly worried about predictions that 50 per cent of our children will be overweight or obese adults by 2030. Everything I have read recently suggests that exercise as a means of losing weight has been greatly exaggerated and that putting the emphasis on exercise means that we are unlikely to tackle obesity in our children.

It's difficult to believe that:
  • 15 minutes lifting weights equals the 100 calories in one small cappuccino;
  • 75 minutes of stretching equals the 220 calories in a small mars bar;
  • 15 minutes on the stairclimber equals the 129 calories in a can of coke;
  • 30 minutes running on the treadmill at 10kmph equals the 400 calories in one blueberry muffin;
  • 50 minutes on indoor rower equals the 450 calories in a large slice of cheesecake;
  • 19 minutes on elliptical trainer equals the 95 calories in a medium size banana;
  • 30 minutes of aerobics equals the 163 calories in a small pack of raisins;
  • 10 minutes on the exercise bike equals the 55 calories in a low-fat fruit yoghurt.
Scary stuff really and of course, I know that exercise releases endorphins, reduces depression, and has a major impact on heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, and dementia and it is obvious that we live longer and healthier when we exercise. The truth, I am constantly told by my friends who are passionate about exercise, is that other than stopping smoking, there is nothing you can do for yourself that is better than exercise! But is there! More and more I believe that it's very simple we are what we eat and the only way we can lose weight is to eat less and to eat better!

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  1. I read this and thought no wonder I do hours of excercise and don't lose weight! I should be depressed. But quite the most depressing thing I seen this half term is the number of kids, babies really, being pushed round town in buggies eating sausage rolls! Can we ban greggs?


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