Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hovingham Primary School is a very special place and work going on at this wonderful little school shows us why we should be encouraging children in every primary school to blog, tweet and use technology to develop, nurture and encourage their literacy, numeracy and basic skills.
  1. The children have a real audience to write for. 
  2. You can watch the childrens' writing develop. 
  3. It helps the children start conversations with other people in other places. 
  4. It shows the children a safe way of getting on-line. 
  5. The children teach each other and learn from each other. 
  6. The children become 24-7-365 learners. 
  7. The children show the whole world what is happening in their classroom.
  8. The children start to see themselves as writers and creators. 
  9. We can keep a check on the childrens' writing and learning. 
  10. You give the children a voice and let them share their ideas with the world. 
You can visit the childrens blogs and comment on their writing and pictures by visiting their website at http://shareit.yhgfl.net/leeds/hovingham/hovingham2.

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