Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Better, Faster, More Efficiently!

We are challenged all the time to do better, faster and more effectively in our schools, our classrooms and our communities.
I have recently spent time in Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham with some of the most creative, talented and effective colleagues I have ever worked with. If you are prepared to look, in so many of our schools we have the systems, we have the materials, we have the passion, we have the discipline, we have the intellectual rigour and more importantly we have the people to deliver real magic and achieve brilliant outcomes. We simply need to learn, share and network what works!

I am not in any way complacent about the challenges schools face and I am constantly looking for new ideas, new answers and asking myself how we can achieve more. I passionately believe that the real key lies in these schools with great leaders and great learning teams who understand the challenges they face and are empowered and trusted as leaders, coaches, guides, mentors and teachers working to develop pathways to excellence for each and every one of their young people... whatever it takes! 

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