Monday, 7 November 2011

Skills, Creativity, Enterprise and Hard Work!

It is strange sitting on the touchline after spending so long on the pitch. I have spent the last year in Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield learning, listening and trying to understand how we create a learning landscape where every child and every community have access to a great school... which after all is what everyone claims to want!
We are entering a ‘conceptual age’ and we can only secure our future prosperity if our learning system is capable of equipping the workforce of the future with the high level skills necessary to meet these new demands. It is not only a new generation with higher level skills that our economy will need; our young people will also require a much wider range of skills than ever. The future of this country critically depends on the success of our education and learning landscape. Schools need to be committed to growth and the continuing development of the economy and in the pursuit of these goals we need to create a workforce with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and self-reliance necessary to help develop the best of our indigenous businesses and to attract world class inward investors. We need to understand that the greatest assets for this economic transformation are the skills, creativity, enterprise and work ethic of our people and particularly our young people.

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  1. What are you doing on the sidelines? The pitch is a bleaker place without you! Get back in the game Chris.


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