Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Excellence, Character, Innovation and Creativity!

Research from DfE, OFSTED, OECD, PISA suggests that we need to develop a new approach to learning to create world class outcomes for our children. Everything points to the fact that to help young people achieve and succeed we must recognise that character is at least as important as intelligence!
Research and books, like Martin Seligman’s ‘Flourish’, Martin Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’, Daniel Pink’s ‘A Whole New Mind’ and ‘Drive’, Matthew Syed’s ‘Bounce’, Carol Dweck’s work on ‘Mindset’ and Angela Duckworth’s work on ‘Grit’, all outline very clearly that we need to spend more time learning and just as much time developing character as we do developing functional skills and academic and vocational excellence.

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