Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dirk Gilleard

I saw my friend and colleague Dirk Gilleard this week and he reminded me that we mustn't let anyone tell us or tell our children and young people that we are not bright, not clever and not full of potential.
Dirk is working on his book and that will focus on the fact that we can learn whatever skills we need to be more productive, more effective and more successful. Dirk Passionately believes that can become whatever you really, really want to become. You can do whatever you really, really want to do. You can become a touch typist. You can develop expertise with a computer. You can become a terrific negotiator. You can become a super salesperson. You can learn to speak another language. You can learn to play a musical instrument. You can learn to write effectively. You can train to run a marathon. These are all skills and abilities you can acquire, as soon as you decide to and make them a priority in your busy life.

His message to me, as always, was "just do it!".


  1. "Just do it" is the advice I also use with my clients. However, there are times when an individual needs a helping or reassuring hand in order to be able to do it. Remember Mum holding your hand as you wobbled along on your first walk, or Dad holding the back of the bike as you took your first tentative ride without stabilisers?
    So as well as "Just do it", I would also advise "Find a Friend" to help where help is needed, support where support is required and get you back on your feet when you fall.

  2. I agree with Big Geoff. There's nothing better when your about to take that leap into the future, than knowing there's someone with you, that believes in you. Even if you will be fine on your own.

  3. How do all the unemployed feel when they can't 'just do it'? Success isn't always within your own control.


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