Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Khan Academy!

The Khan Academy provides a great model we can build on and develop. We can create a "flipped classroom" that allows us to focus on the things that work and deliver great learning and the best outcomes -- content delivery through online delivery can happen anywhere and anytime and coaching, mentoring, 121 and project-based learning can happen during school time.

The Khan Academy is an educational website that aims to let anyone “learn almost anything—for free.” Students can watch some 2,800+ videos in which the site’s founder, Salman Khan, teaches maths, science, and economics. The principle is brilliant although the videos are basic, generally seven to fifteen minutes long and consist of a voice-over by Khan describing a mathematical concept or explaining how to solve a problem while his hand-scribbled formulas and diagrams appear onscreen... bait like a simple RSA Animate session! The website also offers software that generates problems and rewards good performance. The idea is that young people can access these sessions whenever and wherever they want and the teacher can target support when and where it is needed.

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