Monday, 16 April 2012

How to Make a Real Difference!

Gregg Thompson, president of Bluepoint Leadership Development, has identified seven things that will make a real difference in your school, your team, or your organisation. Do all seven, and you will release real magic!
  • Craft a big, bold, breath-taking story and tell it every day.
  • Multiply the strength of your leadership connections.
  • Act with exceptional compassion and kindness.
  • Tell the absolute truth.
  • Hold everyone accountable.
  • Celebrate being part of an organisation that keeps its promises.
  • Be distinctively you.
We all know the keys to brilliant: people, leadership, teamwork, attitude, trust, determination, commitment, partnership, ownership and engagement. Colleagues' passion, commitment and belief; and their determination and hard work as a teaching and learning team will continue to transform provision and outcomes for young people and the communities they serve.
Keep the faith!

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  1. Great suggestions, I will craft the story ready and adopt the others. Thanks


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