Friday, 27 April 2012

Passion and Love!

We need to remember that we are all talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful; all potential high achievers wherever we work; in the school kitchen, the playground or the playing field, the classroom, the laboratory, the workshop, the office...
We all need to try out new recipes and approaches, to test assumptions and to experiment with new concepts and ideas and we all need to constantly look at data and outcomes as we search for the magic ingredients that can lead to a breakthrough and help us make even more of a difference to the lives of our children and young people. In our constant search for brilliant; brilliant food, brilliant systems, brilliant provision and brilliant outcomes, we must be creative, methodical, pragmatic and demanding and our personal standards have to be focused, relentless and uncompromising. Only our brilliant best is good enough for the children and young people, the families and the communities we serve. It is important that we all remember that achieving the outstanding, the brilliant and the magical comes from putting your heart and soul into your work. It is about being passionate and loving what you are doing to bring out your absolute incredible potential. The words 'passion' and 'love' are there because they are the secret to brilliant. If you don't love what you are doing with a real passion, you are wasting your life and you should take your magic and your potential and go and do something else!

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