Monday, 23 April 2012

SUCCESS comes in CANS not CAN'TS!

Over the last twenty years I have seen so many extraordinary places and learned so much about success and achievement. It seems to me that successful organisations, successful schools and successful teams, all have the following characteristics...
  • the vision, values and sense of purpose which shapes the way all colleagues behave;
  • leadership that helps everyone know they are making a difference;
  • the courage to set challenging goals and have high expectations of everyone;
  • the imagination to develop new and cutting-edge solutions;
  • the culture that values people and makes them feel special;
  • the management that trusts, empowers and engages colleagues' distinct and unique talents;
  • a rigorous and relentless approach to accountability;
  • a strong focus on evaluating performance and individuals’ contributions;
  • a concern for the wider community and the bigger picture;
  • a reputation for excellence and hard work; and 
  • a passionate commitment for learning.

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