Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I had a brilliant day today with 30 Cutlers' Ambassadors at The Blue Shed. A day that started at 8am and finished at 7pm...

The challenge for the Ambassadors was to produce from scratch a presentation for the Master Cutler, employers and parents/carers. The Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" Passport to Employment presentation would showcase the important skills we are trying to develop in these young people: reliance, determination, adaptability, responsibility, confidence, communication, creativity, literacy and numeracy. Supported by a fantastic team from The Blue Shed, they did the lot: stage management, lighting, sound and produced a video of the day as well as delivering a performance which showcased the Cutlers' skills. The feedback from the students was wonderful with everyone agreeing that it had been a great day. These are a few of my photos...


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  1. At The Blue Shed we felt more than priveldged to be part of the programme - we throughly enjoyed designing our day with a great team of professionals - and even more the delivery on the day with a bunch of genuinely enthusiastic and talented young people.
    We were delighted with results and felt that the Ambassadors team excelled themselves in the production of the show and documentary .
    Ambassadors Rock!


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