Thursday, 28 February 2013


I started the day with the Sheffield Headteachers at The Cutlers' Hall. The Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" project was the main item on this special meeting of the secondary headteachers and it was wonderful to have Neil MacDonald, the Master Cutler, Cllr Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council lead member for education and skills, and Jayne Ludlum, Director of Children's Services, all talking so positively and enthusiastically about what has been achieved so far!
"Made in Sheffield"
It was an excellent session; which included a brief overview of the project, inputs by headteachers, school co-ordinators and link businesses, but the highlight for everyone was the contributions made by three young Cutlers' Ambassadors who talked passionately about the programme and why it was important. Their confidence, enthusiasm, positivity and insight, despite their nerves, was fantastic. It simply made everyone proud to be part of what is "Made in Sheffield".

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