Friday, 8 February 2013


However tough life is it's better to start each new day with a smile. 
I was sent this by my friends at the GOOD site. I know there is nothing here that you haven't heard before but here are GOOD's 10 stress busters for you to try...
1. Sleep more. Sleep is the body’s time to repair itself, as well as the face’s chance to take a break from wrinkle-forming gymnastics.
2. Exercise more. It releases serotonin, which is one of the reasons why it makes people happier and in turn, less stressed.
3. Cultivate your friends. Relationships release a cocktail of wonderful stress-zapping chemicals into the brain including serotonin, depression-fighting endorphins, and oxytocin, the cuddle chemical.
4. Breathe deeper. Learning to lengthen and deepen your breaths is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and one of the most important.
5. Stop and smell the jasmine. Aromatherapy may have earned its scientific wings this week with a new German study reporting that smelling jasmine is as effective at calming nerves as valium.
6. Meditate, or try to. This requires taking the breathing thing even further, into a magical place where thoughts stop having meaning.
7. Get a massage or go for acupuncture. These kinds of alternative treatments are a great way to sneak in some serious relaxation.
8. Do yoga. This is the all-in-one to all of the above. Breath? Check. Exercise? Check. Meditation? Check. Detoxification? Check.
9. Turn off your gadgets. We are a nation of stressers: Even before the recession, 4 in 10 of us reported feeling very stressed, and the latest polls now say that nearly half of us are experiencing debt-related stress as well. Unplug daily.
10. Do stuff you like. Or something you haven’t done for a while. Even a couple of hours away from the world, or with someone special, can give you a fresh outlook.

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