Monday, 9 December 2013


The Great Place to Work Institute’s annual surveys are conducted with more than 1.5 million employees, in more than 3,600 organisations, in forty different countries has identified that success in any organisation really boils down to just one five‐letter word: TRUST.

They have developed a “Trust Wheel” model identifying the five dimensions of leadership in a great culture: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Being approachable and easy to talk with, answering hard questions, and making expectations clear
Trusting colleagues without looking over their shoulders
Being reliable, delivering on promises and “walking the talk”
Articulating a clear vision for the company or department

Showing appreciation for colleagues’ efforts and contributions
Ensuring that colleagues have the equipment they need to do their jobs 
Seeking colleagues’ opinions and involving them in important decisions
Caring for colleagues as people with lives outside of work 

Ensuring all colleagues have opportunities for rewards and recognition
Avoiding playing favorites, especially when promoting colleagues
Treating all colleagues fairly, regardless of age, race or sex
Ensuring colleagues are paid fairly

Helping colleagues feel they personally make a difference in their work
Inspiring colleagues to feel pride in team accomplishments
Helping colleagues feel proud of the whole company and its contributions to the community

Creating a workplace atmosphere where colleagues can be themselves and care about each other
Welcoming new colleagues to a friendly environment and celebrating special events
Creating a cooperative work environment and demonstrating that people are “all in this together” 

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