Tuesday, 10 December 2013


As we wait for Sir Michael Wilshaw's second annual report, which has been heavily leaked/trailed over the weekend, it is interesting to remember that many of the most successful countries have recognised that command and control over education as determined by a National Curriculum, high stakes testing and inspection isn't the answer to building brilliant provision and are focusing instead on teaching, outcomes and trust. This has driven efforts to more clearly articulate learning outcomes and translate these expectations into national education goals and standards and by setting national standards, countries seek to raise aspirations and define educational excellence, make educational objectives transparent to students, and provide a framework for teachers while avoiding the risks of narrowing the curriculum and teaching to the test. 

PISA suggest that there are four steps to achieving brilliant learning:

1: High Standards for All Children
2: Intelligent Accountability, Trust and Autonomy

3: Teachers Professional Development

4: Personalised Learning

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