Thursday, 5 December 2013


I visited Forge Valley Community School with Mike Garnock-Jones yesterday and met with David Bowes, the Executive Headteacher, to discuss the fact that the pilot phase of the Cutlers' Made in Sheffield programme was ending and we wanted to review, evaluate and further develop the work we have been doing.

David Bowes heads up the Tapton School Academy Trust and has recently been appointed as Executive Headteacher at Forge Valley Community School. We wanted David's strategic overview and to know how the school sees the future for the programme, how we can make it sustainable and how we might continue to fund developments alongside the maintenance of the elements and aspects the school values and wants to keep. David was extremely positive about the impact the programme had on their NHS ambassadors and stressed the importance of ensuring that initiatives like this impact on outcomes and target groups of individuals. It was encouraging listening to David's analysis and hearing how he sees the programme adding value to what is happening at Forge Valley.

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