Thursday, 31 March 2016


I visited the Doncaster Chamber offices at the Keepmoat Stadium this morning...

I was there to find out more about the Doncaster Skills Academy and the work the Doncaster Chamber are doing to develop enterprise, employability and aspiration across all the Doncaster secondary academies. It is impressive to hear about the impact and reach the programme is having and the 'World of Work' entitlement they are offering to all young people across Doncaster. The approach is interesting in that it starts from a 'bottom up'​ entitlement offer for all young people in Doncaster and is supported by Junior Chambers in each school. The competencies they focus on are
also interesting: personal interaction, job fit, quality, productivity and teamwork, and there is a core offer of four days for every secondary academy with additional elements to meet individual schools needs.  The range of businesses they are working with is also very impressive, along with the support from Doncaster Council.​ Great stuff!

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